• The new EFY album on Spotify makes you LITERALLY do a double fist in the air….#daymade
  • Your missionary board on Pinterest has actually outsized your wedding board…didn’t think that was even a thing for anyone.
  • Sometimes you go to two different wards because you just really like church. It’s like, cool now.
  • Going to the temple has to be a weekly thing to get your fix…it’s seriously my favorite place ON THIS EARTH.
  • You cry like, a million times more than you ever would have normally. Seriously, I can’t even use my hormones as an excuse like a pregnant lady can…I’m just a wimp.
  • Mission shoes are a Big Fat Deal. Like you think about them more than you actually care to admit.
  • You spend endless hours debating the merits of any tiny purchase…”How many more mission skirts could I buy with that money??”
  • Speaking of mission skirts, you look at them online. All. The. Time.
  • You and your best friend have a practiced method for smoothly telling people where you’re both going and when. It’s down to a science.
  • Some days you’re on fire. You study, you serve, you pray, you are on Missionary Cloud 9 where there is green jell-o and righteousness everywhere.
  • Some days, meh. You can think of a million other things to get in the way of real personal study, and you’re not actually all that excited to spend all day every day biking in 110 degree weather. You’d kinda just rather sit around by the beach.
  • You’re trying. You’re working improving, and praying with all your might like your life depends on it because, in fact, it does.

See, the point I’m trying to get at here, folks, is that preparing for a mission is a roller coaster. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced, I assure you, just like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. It’s up, it’s down, it’s upside down. But it’s beautiful, and it’s a process to become a missionary. That will happen for each of us in our own time. When Elder Brent H. Nielsen described being called as an area seventy, one of the brethren told him simply, “Go back to your office and become, and we’ll tell you when the training starts. So here I go, back to my office.

#80days   But who’s counting??

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